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La Mue - Center of multidisciplinary residency and creation 




Karine Saporta, a choreographer involved

While she was using the premises 7 rue  Villons in Cairon as a toll of work for her company, Karine Saporta decided, in 2013, to create inside that place an association: La Mue.


Little return on a career which has very much influenced this project...


After studies in classical dance, Karine Saporta continues at Paris X University studies in philosophy and sociology. She goes, after, to the United States where she studies cinema, video, television, photography and choreography.


After the foundation of a group of research made up of artistic personalities influent today in thechoreographic landscape, she creates her dance company. The work about dancer’s body and emotion is the strating point of Karine Saporta’s artistic process. Her shows, moving in eclectic universe from baroque to oneiric, are welcomed in prestigious places in France and abroad ; at the Comédie-Française or at the Stanislavski Theatre of Moscou for exemple.


She’s also interested in hip-hop dance and participates in several event as the  the Meeting of Urban Culture or Suresnes Cités Danses. As a real multidisciplinary artist, Karine Saporta is also photographer and a writer.


But, long before that, it is in 1988, when she is nominated director of the National Choreographic Centre in Caen (Normandy) that Karine Saporta really discovers that region she quickly falls in love.  She’ll leave her post in 2004 but the link with this region crry on through many projects. La Mue is the perfect exemple.


The idea, throught this association, is to bring closer creators in art and philosophy field with representative of different social and socio-professional  category. Completly independent of the Karine Saporta company’s work, the vocation of la Mue is to be a place of meetings, exchange and multidisciplinary creation, in the image of its founder.















Association’s goals

The vocation of La Mue is to be a centre of multidisciplinary residency and creation linked to great topics. Thus, from 2014, association’s preoccupation will be linked to adolescence, women and animal’s rights.


In this context, the goals are multiple :

- support contemporary creation promoting artistic and cultural projects

- encourage the multidisciplinary artistic project’s conditions of exchange and development.

- make the populaion sensitive to performing art, fine art, cinema, graphic art, literature and philisophy

- promote the cultural expression of  the population, young, in social or professional rehabilitation, in handicap position

- promote the meeting between the public, the artists and ther works

- reinforce the notion of culture, vector of social link to the inhabitants of the region

- build close and constructive partnership with all local cultural players, associations and existing equipments, allowing to create synergies and links  in the service of artists and populations.



The place

The association La Mue is located in 7 rue Villons, in Cairon. This village is 10km away from Caen, that allow the association to enjoy a quiet place, in the middle of greenery while being next to a big city.


Association’s premises  are made up of a big house that can welcome up to 15 persons who can be totaly independent because the house have several bathroom and a big kitchen.


La Mue is also made of 2 studios. The first is inside the house, at the first floor and the second, independent, next to the house, bigger, which has a little control room and can welcome  audience.


Besides a big garden link the house and the second studio. In the end a theatre of  greenery should be adjusted and welcome audience in summer.


















The project

Used by the company Karine Saporta from the opening as a tool of intern work (the company is in permanent residency within the association), La Mue must become, as soon as the end of the alteration work in 2014, a centre of multidisciplinary residencies (performing art, fine art, cinema, graphic art, literature and philisophy) endowed with a triple vocation: creation, transmission and research.



La Mue’s artistic and cultural project has the vocation to support and encourage contemporary creation with the proposition of a place of artist residencies in the fields of performing art, fine art, cinema, graphic art, literature and philisophy.


One of the interest of such a multidisciplinary place is to develop the emergence of projects based on the diversity of the artistic and cultural discipline to allow meetings, exchanges, confrontation.


Thanks to the space it has, the association allows to welcome the artists in  maximized conditions of work, giving them a full residency arealeur (place of creation, of life and of performance.


Residencies, of creation or research, lead to public restitution and/or to small forms to come the public within the movement of creation. More widely, the association will also be a place of performance open to all the publics.




Transmission is also one of the most important facet of the project and it goes through several actions.


La Mue wants to be a complete link between the population (especially people in social and professional dificulties) and the cultural and artistic world. It translate into meetings between the artists and the population, either inside the association or directly in the urban areas in deficit of cultural projects.


These meetings, beyond the simple cultural mediation, would be the start of artistic working group that can come out on a performance. A link between the population and the artist in residence can also be installed by way of public rehearsal, participation to the creation…



Artistic or intellectual research is essential for creation. It also enable to confront ideas, proposition to install several projects. That’s why is also decided on being a place of research.


La Mue wants to install close and constructive partnership with all the local cultural players, association, existing equipment in order to confront the wishes and needs not only of these structures but also of the local population.


As a residency place, La Mue is also favourable to a work of artistic and intellectual research. Suitable to meetings and work in group, the place can also welcome artists af different horizon in order that they create a collective work of research, ahead their creations. In that way, conference and seminar can also be welcomed in La Mue’s areas.


Finally, midway between transmission and research, artistic working group can be proposed to the public. This, Karine Saporta, who propose at the Dansoir (Fontenay-sous-bois) the artistic working group 4/21 (multidisciplinary workin group, open to everybody,  which conduct to the realisation of a performance) wants that that working group take place, occasionally, in the places of La Mue to make research and testing.























To become a resident

As part of the residencies make available its big studio and a place to live that can welcom up to 15 persons and possessing, it too, a studio mainly designed to dance.


Residencies are open to performing art, fine art but also to cinema, writing or to all other artistic or cultural residency.


One the interest of such a multidisciplinary place is to favourise the emergence of projects based on the mixity of artistic and cultural discipline to allow  meeting, exchange and confrontation.


Thanks to the space it has, the association allows to welcome the artists in  maximized conditions of work, giving them a full residency arealeur (place of creation, of life and of performance.



Useful documents

You can consult the plans and technical record of the studios on the internet association’s website :

You will also find on this website the form to ask a residency.


LA MUE   7 rue de Villons - 14 610 Cairon, France

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